Flavoured Latte: New Style To Enjoy Coffee

Latte is often inferred as a milky-inclined coffee. And that assumption can be true when compared with the cappuccino. The most basic key to making a latte is in the process of steaming the milk. Generally, the steaming process of milk serves in two steps; heating the milk until it reaches a certain temperature according to the desired level and producing the micro foam. In other words, the foam in latte usually tends to be smooth and not that thick.

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The global consumption of flavoured coffee latte has grown at doubled rates compared to the natural ones. For customers who do not want compromises in terms of taste, health or comfort, the flavoured coffee latte is a popular alternative to other drinks.

Flavoured latte is a coffee beverage based on milk, aromas and sugar, often enriched with vitamins and calcium. Flavoured latte is simple a kind of Caffé Latte with flavouring syrup. The steamed milk and espresso drink is the perfect base for adding the extra flavour. The milk acts as a blank canvas that waits for the colour to be painted on it.

The popular flavours are vanilla, peppermint, caramel, cinnamon, Irish crème, almond, hazelnut, toffee, orange, buttered rum, and raspberry. This kind of coffee is delicious to be served either hot or cold, and even you can enjoy the ‘winter’ flavours by making a great iced latte.

Any combination of flavours is possible, so you can explore and use your imagination to create one of your most favourite. You can order a strawberry-raspberry latte, a cinnamon-vanilla latte, a marshmallow-coconut latte, or whatever you like to choose. If the coffeehouse has the ingredient, they will be very happy to mix it for you.

Flavoured latte is usually be topped with whipped cream or other kinds of toppings. Try one of these lattes for an added flavour dimension, or even a seasonal treat. Latte is a way to enjoy your cup of coffee rather than be more “serious” like espresso drinks.

Flavoured latte is also available in the super market as a-ready-to-go-drink. You can find it everywhere from many kinds of brands and flavours. However, innovation in the field of flavoured latte has recently been defined by the importance of adult flavours, addiction, and innovative packaging in order to extend the reach of customers. Flavoured latte can also cater to the demands of highly-committed consumers by offering products that replace meals to be consumed on-the-go.

Now, enjoy your favourite cup of flavoured latte!

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