My name is Alice, a busy mom with babies. Since February 2010 I have been running my culinary blog.

I love to cook, think about cooking and finally eat what I cook. Actually, I am a lawyer, but I found my place in the kitchen. I feel more comfortable being in the kitchen instead of in the court. My kitchen is my sanctuary. I try to make my dishes not too complicated (I’m a mom, I do not have time for hours with babies!), but they are always delicious! Well, at least my kids and my husband love them, oh my friends too. They often visit me and try the food I cook, and up to now, I have never heard any complaints.

This page is a continuation of my previous blog – all previous comments from you, my readers, but I hope that the new version of the site will soon be filled with opinions full of culinary passion!

Do you love to cook too? Or do you love trying new recipes? Then you can join me here. I love to talk about food with all of you out there. Don’t hesitate to send me some recipe to try.

I warmly invite you to read, comment, write and … a joint cooking!