5 Easy Ways To Remodel Your Bedroom

You probably spend around 1/3 of your life to sleep, so shouldn’t you sleep in a cozy and great room that contributes to a beautiful dream? Unplanned or disorganized bedrooms can make it difficult to relax, and may not help your disposition in the morning. What if your bedroom is a focal point for family time – maybe you are reading in bed, connecting with children after school or spending quality time with your pet while in the room. Ugly or dingy bedrooms will not help in these casual encounters.

Easy Way to Remodel Bedroom
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Fortunately, bedroom remodeling is some of the cheapest projects compared to other rooms (unlike, for example, replacing a bathroom or kitchen). You do not need to install new windows or remove structural objects. Often, all you need is a deep cleansing and a bit of work on the surface.

First thing first

Ready for bedroom reconstruction? First, before you get started, do a little search and consider the following.

What do you need: What needs to be changed to make you happy? Is the room too dark? Does the street noise keep you awake? Can you fix it all by ordering simple furniture?

What is your style: What kind of room does you want, a bright airy bedroom or a dark and pleasant night’s sleep? Choose a style and stick with it to avoid getting rid of it.

What are your personal limitations: Do you like white beds, but have three black cats that sleep with you every night? Choose a bedroom component that suits your lifestyle and habits.

How do you use it: Do you sleep a lot in your bedroom? Is that your office too? Your movie place? If there is no way to keep the bedroom reserved for sleep alone, then you should consider its other uses.

Have you ever meditated on the nature and type of bedroom you are looking for? Good, let’s start remodeling your bedroom with these simple remodeling ideas.

  1. Organize and Clean

Like most home makeover projects, a good part of make-over is actually just getting rid of unneeded items that mess up the room. Sure, you like to read before bed, but do you need a pile of books on the bedside table? Put unread books onto the bookcase or listen to them (you can read them all on your Kindle right now).

Since your closet is in your bedroom, it’s a good time to get past and get rid of unused clothes, coats, and shoes. If you have a linen closet that needs to be adjusted, consider reducing excess towels and mismatched sheets.

  2. Make the walls feel soothing

Painting the bedroom may be the fastest and cheapest way to change the whole feeling of the room. Choose the color that suits your bedroom (this is where the paint chips are useful). Try to find colors that glamorize the environment you want in your bedroom – comfortable and warm, light and modern, or bright and eclectic – there are thousands of colors to choose from. And remember, if the first color does not work, you can always paint it. However, if you want to paint your bedroom and do some scraping. Make sure that the wall doesn’t contain asbestos. If you live in an old house in Melbourne, you should get an asbestos testing Melbourne service (asbestoswatchmelbourne.com.au) to make sure that your wall is safe from asbestos.

3. Consider the window covering

You could think that the carpet really draws the attention to the room, but the window dress is more important than carpet in the bedroom. Because the bedroom tends to be smaller and dominated by large furniture, the eyes are drawn above the bed – where the window dressing can work with their magic. Blinds, curtains and shades can be very expensive, so decide which type of cover is needed and go from there. Automatic panel curtain is simple, cheap, and suitable for almost any style. If you need a curtain that locks the morning light but do not look heavy, consider cotton or velvet in light colors.

4. Hang the art you love

The bedroom is a great place to show you the artworks that matter most to you. If it is a silk or embroidery, a sculpture or a picture of a child, take a full part of the whole wall. If you prefer a clean and wordless look, pick one or two of the ones you like the most. If your taste is eclectic, you can fill the wall with everything you want. Frame art can be expensive, so take a look at the cheaper art displays for your favorite artworks.

5. Select appropriate linens

Hey, this is your bedroom right? Sleep is the name of the game, right? Your sheets should be comfortable first, and style in the second position. Unless you’re the kind of person who makes your bed carefully every morning, do not waste the hard earned money with expensive sheets and decorative pillowcases. Stick with a base, in plain or base color, and straighten it as needed.

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